Hybrid Event

June 14 and 15, 2023
Live Congress


The Polymer Competence Center Leoben is pleased to announce the organization of the “International Symposium on Smart Materials” to be held in Leoben (Austria), June 14-15, 2023.

The event is mutually organized within the COMET Module project CHEMITECTURE and the EU Marie Curie International Training Network on Soft, Self-responsive, Smart Materials for Robots (SMART).

CHEMITECTURE addresses the next generation of polymers and elastomers, which are well prepared for the digital age, by combining CHEMIstry of functional materials with macroscopic archiTECTURE.
This next generation of polymers will comprise (self)adaptable mechanical properties, customized structural (passive) and stimuli-driven (active) functions, whilst additive manufacturing processing routes will pave the way towards flexible production and function integration.

The SMART Innovative Training Network is a joint venture between academia and industry, providing scientific and personal development of young researchers in the multidisciplinary fields of soft robotics and smart materials.
SMART will realize the technologically and scientifically ambitious breakthroughs to exploit smart, stimuli-responsive material systems for actuation, sensing and self-healing capabilities for intelligent soft devices.
The use of this new generation materials in soft robots, will allow these systems to interact with dynamic and unknown environments in an intelligent fashion, to avert catastrophic failure and re-establish structural integrity and operational functionality.

The symposium will be based on invited lectures and will offer a platform to discuss current and emerging applications for smart materials in polymer science. Major addressed topics will be:

– Smart materials from renewable resources
– Soft active devices
– Photo-reactive functional materials
– Additive manufacturing of smart functional devices
– Mechanical metamaterials
– Simulation concepts for smart materials
– Programmable materials
– Sensor technologies
– Emerging applications of smart materials

We look forward to your participation!