Johannes Kilian

Data analysis enables the glass Injection Moulding Machine

Injection moulding machines with all their sensors are a perfect measurement tool for the injection moulding production cell. Therefore, process and machine data can be analysed perfectly during production. State-of-the-art solutions focus on an on-line monitoring of minimal and maximal values of process signals. New technologies and the great amount of data analysis methods enable completely new possibilities for algorithms and data analysis.
Three use-cases are presented: a clear visualisation of on-line process deviations helps the user to find process disturbances and to optimize the process. Secondly, the included expert system enables the user to solve the problem systematically in case of process deviations. Finally, wear of machine components and machine deviations are detected by the analysis of machine data in order to detect an upcoming machine fault.
The data acquisition of machine and process data combined with the latest algorithms enable a mould-breaking transparency and allow the sight into the glass Injection Moulding Machine.