Johannes Kilian

Injection moulding process window @ industry 4.0

The injection moulding process window is one of the main methods to ensure part quality during the production of injection moulding parts. In the past, this process window often was too small and too large due to non-systematic design. This leads to high costs due to a high an amount of putative scrap or quality problems because of undetected defect parts.
In this paper, four steps and possibilities including an outlook for generating a process technology window are shown. Step one shows the state-of-the-art systematic design using linear independent process parameters, step two includes model-based information during the design of the process window. In step three, the methods are extended to non-supervised learning methods and step four ends up in outer-loop quality control without using direct quality information control loop.
During all steps, costs and design effort stands in contrast to quality of the result and the accuracy of the process window. Some of the steps are state-of-the-art solutions and well-established in science and industry. Whereas, step three and four are focus of several research topics in science and industry.