The Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL) has led collaborative research in polymer technology and polymer science in Austria for more than a decade. Our hundred and more experts carry out R&D in diverse polymer applications, including automotive, aerospace, packaging and solar energy.

An important aspect of all research activities of the PCCL is the strong orientation on the performance and functionality of polymer products in service. The scientific approach centers on the establishment of “material-structure / processing / performance relationships”, based on systematic experimental investigations and advanced simulation and modelling tools. As to the methodologies, all levels of the final product process chain are covered:

– From the synthesis and molecular structure of polymers and additives,
– via the processing technology and parameters,
– to the resulting material structure on various size scales,
– to component performance and product functionality.

Starting in January 2021, PCCL will host bimonthly webinars via Microsoft Teams to share latest results and newest developments across the value chain of polymer research.

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For further questions please contact our colleague Gernot Oreski.

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