Elastomers for harsh
environmental utilization


Elastomers have to withstand extreme operating conditions in various application fields starting from oil and gasfield applications over daily life traffic (e.g. tires) ending up with the usage in the field of future energy systems (e.g. Hydrogen).

Extreme operating conditions (temperature ranging from -40 °C to 200 °C, pressures above 1.000 bar) pose numerous challenges for the technology of polymer materials, ranging from the permeation of gas through materials to the explosive decompression failure of elastic polymers.

Therefore, a detailed knowledge of the material behavior and the influencing factors which may affect the material performance during the lifetime is indispensable.

This webinar will provide an critical overview of (i) the special material behavior of elastomers in comparison to other polymers, (ii) the influence of high pressure gas on the material performance and (iii) special material characterization techniques.


Bernd Schrittesser obtained his BSc. and MSc. in Polymer Engineering from Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria, in 2010. He joined the Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL), as a project leader in 2010 focusing on the field of elastomers used in oil and gas field applications.

After the completion of the PhD program in 2014, he received his PhD degree (Topic of the thesis: Performance of elastomers for high-pressure applications) from the Institute of Materials Science and Testing of Polymers at Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria under the supervision of Prof. Gerald Pinter. Afterwards he developed a research group focusing on Material Science and Testing of Elastomers with actual 2 post-doctoral researchers and 4 PhD candidates.

Since 2017, he leads the Division Elastomer Technology and Process Optimization with 3 research groups focusing on (i) Processing Optimization, (ii) Polymer Tribology and, (iii) Material Science and Testing with overall 5 post-doctoral researchers and 9 PhD candidates. After several smaller projects focusing on the applicability of elastomers for harsh environmental utilization (several PhD and master theses), a COMET-module with a multinational consortium (6 scientific partners and 6 company partners from 6 countries) was additionally granted in 2019 and started under the lead of Dr. Bernd Schrittesser as executive manager focusing on the field of polymers used in high-pressure applications (mainly H2, CH4, CO2), in 2020.